In the automotive sector SPEI stands out for its extensive experience in the modeling of casting elements, where the difficulties in creating and regenerating features are greater, due to the presence of forward “rounds”, composite “sweep-blends” and due to the strong interdependence of construction references. In this field our working methodology provides for a recharge to reduce the complexity of the model. This, together with a correct management of the dependencies, allows to reach another fexibility of the model in asame and of its putting on the table and therefore a very high modeling productivity. Where the quality of the styling assumes the character of greater importance, we point out for decades of experience in the use of surface modeling software, with the adoption of style surfaces (ISDX) for bodywork, or sheet metal roofing. Thanks to the use of finite element calculation tools siaomo capable of highlight the weak points of the aseme structure, preparing the correction. Knowledge of the principles of materials science helps us to complete the graphic simulations with analysis and numerical checks.