A peculiarity of the SPEI structure is the ability to organize the project together with the customer, both from the point of view of the structure of the machine, both from the programming point of view (GANTT), and from the point of view of cost analysis. For this last need we have a customization of our work environment able to report the cost of the entire project, during the creation of the components. These characteristics are vicents in the approach to the world of automatic machines, for which the flexibility in the handling of assemblies composed also of hundreds of elements constitutes the true competitive advantage. Being able to quickly compare different design solutions, the customer can at any time choose the best alternative to make, without losing sight of the final goal and the time needed to achieve it. In this sector it has often been successful to use kinematic simulation software to interfere interferences between moving elements of different functional groups, or to study the motion of cams and other kinematics.